Flower Preservation Blocks

Turn your bouquet into a timeless treasure

Weddings, Celebrations, Memories, Milestones, etc.

Flowers are so beautiful, let’s not let them go to waste!

Preserve your flowers in a resin block and keep them untouched by time, forever!

Send me your flowers and I’ll send you a beautiful keepsake to proudly display in your home. 

Whether you have fresh flowers, dried flowers, or faux - bouquet preservation is such a special way to always remember your event. 

I am a one-woman show, so I can only take on a limited number of bookings each month. Please book in advance to reserve your day!

Every piece is handmade with love in Cape May Court House, NJ. 

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Here is how it works :
-Click the link below to book your flower preservation. I require a $200 deposit to book your date.
-At checkout, in the order instructions box: please enter your wedding date, size of block you would like, and where you are located/venue.
-After payment is made, I will send you a confirmation email with details on timing, process, etc. 

Thank you so much for trusting in me with your special flowers !!
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!



12 x 12 Flower Block - $700

10 x 10 Flower Block - $500

8 x 8 Flower Block - $400

6 x 6 Flower Block - $300

Serving Tray - $850

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